Q. After 90 minutes free trial, my class has expired. Do I have to pay for the next use?
A. No. clickest free plan is repetitively usable. Every session expires in 90 minutes, but you can start a new session with a new class code. Only if you need to use the same class code for the long period with some reasons, please buy the pro plan. It keeps the class code in the period you bought.

Q. We did some activities with clickest 8 days ago. Today, we cannot find our response data. What happened?
A. Your response data has been deleted. clickest servers retain response data for 7 days from the final response received, before deleting automatically.

Q. Is there any pricing option for more than 30 days usage?
A. Yes. We can provide optional plans for you. Please contact us.

Q. There are 40 students in my class. I bought clickest pro plan. Does every student need to buy the pro plan?
A. No. Respondents don’t need to buy the plan.

Q. I bought 30 Days plan. Do I have to repurchase it every 30 days?
A. Yes, if you would like to use the same class code for the long period. Upon expiration you can choose to delete your class or to extend the period of your class.